مساعدة المواطنين في مناطق النزاعات في السودان
Hulp aan mensen in conflictgebieden in Sudan
Help of people in conflict areas in Sudan

A woman from nuba has been killed by herder north kadugli city in south kordufan/ nuba mountains.

A woman was killed shooting by gun herder three days ago in higairat village north kadugli capital city of south kordufan state .

omda Ismail one of community leader said that an armed herder tried to rape a girl when she and her mother were working in their garden in higairat village almost 6km north kadugli city on Wednesday, omda explain that when the woman tried to defend to her daughter the gun herder fiered her and killed her instantly he added the girl escaped and informed the police whom enabled to captured three herders were around in the accident area  the herder confessed that they know who killed the woman.

This photo has been taken in kauda in south kordufan 2013.

قوات من شرطة امن المجتمع تصيب افراد من اسرة عجنبة بجروح بالغة

أصيب(5)افراد من اسرة عجبنا بإصابات متفاوتة بعضها خطيرة،بواسطة شرطة امن المجتمع وذلك في مداهمة على منزل الاسرة بحى الديم في الخرطوم بتاريخ25 مايو الحالي،بحجة وجود خمور بلدية الصنع في المنزل.وافادت الاسرة ان قوة تتبع لشرطة امن المجتمع داهمت منزل الاسرة بتاريخ 25 مايو بدواعى وجود خمور بلدية داخل المنزلـ،وقام افراد القوة بضرب افراد الاسرة مما أدى الى وقوع إصابات بين افراد الاسرة،حيث أصيب كل من عاصم عجبنا (23)عام باصابات في الرجل الأيمن،الراس،العين والخصيتين،وأصيبت نهى عجبنا (23)سنة بإصابات في العين وأجزاء متفرقة من الجسم،وكذلك أصيبت نسرين عجنا (21)سنة باصابات في العين أيضا وبقية الجسم ،بينما أصيبت زينب على سناى (65)عام بإصابة في البطن والراس،وأشارت الى المداهمة تمت بقيادة مقدم وملازم اول وان افراد الشرطة تركوا المصابين ولم تسعفهم الى المستشفى لتلقى العلاج بعد تنفيذ العمل الوحشى،هذا الى جانب نعت افراد الاسرة بعبارات عنصرية.

وتعود قضية اسرة عجبنا الى مقتل عوضية عجبنا بواسطة احد ضباط الشرطة بتاريخ 6مارس 2012م في منزل الاسرة بحى الديم في الخرطوم.

الصور ادناه توضح الاصابات لشقيقتين من افراد الاسرة

protest aganist deportation waleed adam to sudan

Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad and others civil soceity organizations are protesting aganist deportation waleed ,illegalized sudanese refugee to sudan bij Nederland imigration aoutherity on Monday 15th2017.

The gathering in front of the Ministry of Justice in The Hague.



Some regional leaders and Major Izzat Kuku:

Leaders of the Nuba Mountains / South Kordofan reject the decisions of the Editorial Board and refuse to accompany the Secretary-General to interview the mediator, Mbeki, and abide by the decisions of the Liberation Council of the region, and freeze the negotiations until the arrival of the leader Abdul Aziz Adam Al-Helou to the region and solve internal organizational problems. They reject the decisions of the Editorial Board and refuse to accompany the Secretary-General to interview the mediator, Mbeki, and comply with the decisions of the Council of the Liberation of the region and the arrival of sweetness to the region and solve organizational problems first …
Maj. Gen. Ezzat Koukou, deputy chief of the General Staff, and Brigadier General Sulaiman Jabbouna Mohammed, governor of the Nuba Mountains region, and Brigadier General Tijani al-Tamah, the secretary-general of the party in the region, accompanied the Secretary General Yasir Said Arman to accompany him to Addis Ababa to meet with the African mediator and the American detainees. And announced their bias towards the decisions of the Nuba Mountains Liberation Council, which was issued on March 25, 2017, and rejected the resignation of Abdul Aziz Adam al-Helu, deputy head of the movement and the withdrawal of confidence from the Secretary General of the SPLM and froze negotiations with the National Congress until the House For internal. The leaders were determined to solve organizational problems in the presence of Abdulaziz Adam Al-Helou

نعى اليم


تضامن جبال النوبة بهولندا:

نعى اليم:التاريخ:8ابريل2017م

ينعى اسرة التضمان بدولة هولندا اسرة الفقيدة حليمة دلنج والدة الفريق يوسف كرة القائد بالحركة الشعبية وجدة الطاهر كودى عضوء بالتضامن،لقد انتقلت الفقيدة الى الرفبق الاعلى يوم الخميس الموافق 6ابريل 2017م بقرية نيكر بمحلية دلامى بولاية جنوب كردفان،لها الرحمة والمغفرة انا لله وانا اليه راجعون ويلزم اهلها الصبر والسلوان.

للاتصال باسرة الفقيدة: +31642535198 

اعلام التضامن.


Food shortage in Kau and Warne-nuba mountains.


Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency SRRA
Kuda – Nuba Mountains

Food shortage in Kau and Warne
Before the end of harvest, in Nuba Mountains /south kordofan, SPLM/N held areas, and particularly in Kau, Nyaru and Warne, the most Isolated two Payams in Abugibeaha and Talodi counties, reports from the area, stated that hunger is already started seriously in Kau Nyaru and now people are depended on roots leaves to feed their children and families members, because all family members get out every morning to collect roots or leaves for their meals, the price of Mulwa of sorghum is 45 to 50 SDG but is not there available.
And that is assuring what was reported earlier in October 2016, by a survey carried out by regional secretariat of Agriculture jointly with Food Security Monitoring Unit (FSMU), when they reported that, this season is the most crop’s failure since 2011. And from their observation, they pointed out the crops is failed by 35% and that one F planted Fedan will only produce 2 to 3 sack of sorghum (10 kgs each) per a Fedan, and that was due to many reasons but, meanly was the late and poor of fall of rain in most of the places around the region, and the second reason is well known to everybody, which the insecurity situation, when the beginning of famers preparation in May and June 2016 , when fighting was still lunching on both ground and air by SAF. The report also indicated that 55 – 60 % out over one million the estimated population of people in Nuba Mountains will be affected by the failure of crops in year 2017, and the hunger gap will begin from March/April. And what is happening in Kau-Nyaru and Warne is what was expected by servers. And as we said people in kau/Warne are now getting into a severe shortage of food, meanwhile the area is completely isolated out and in.
Therefore we call upon United Nation and to the people of good heart and all humanitarian agencies to get and intervene to rescue the needy people in kau and Warne, and indeed to put more pressure on both parties in Sudan to give humanitarian access to the affected people in SPLM/N held areas, in Nuba Mountains /SK and Blue Nile states.

Sodi I. Shamila
Executive Director for Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Agency SRRA
SPLM/N Controlled Areas
11th March 2017

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