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The Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad – The Netherlands set its footsteps in the Netherlands on December 1, 1996. Since that day, the organization has been committed to helping Nubian people in need

Who We Are

The Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad | The Netherlands set its footsteps in The Netherlands on December 1, 1996. Since that day, the organization has been committed to helping Nubian people in need. These Nuba people are part of a tribe that lives around the Nuba mountain, which is between North and South Sudan, where war has been going on since ….. A large number of people live in caves and are in desperate need of help.

The Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad | The Netherlands organisation, located in Venray, contributes to a better future for underprivileged children, young people and women in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. NMSA works exclusively with volunteers in The Netherlands and Sudan who initiate and implement projects or initiatives. In the implementation of these projects, we always work together with the local population. We believe that small activities can make a difference in life. NMSA is actively involved in the construction and maintenance of children’s homes and wells in the Nuba Mountains. To make a children’s home a little bit more self-reliant, we have been able to invest in classrooms in which lessons are given and women can come together in the evenings, thanks to sponsors. We have also built Greenhouses, in which tomatoes are grown, among other things. We will also start building schools and/or classrooms, so that the youngest can start with group 1 (Nursery School) and we have been able to purchase a fuel-friendly Cooking Stove. You will find the projects that we will be carrying out here

The Nuba Mountains are located between North and South Sudan in the Janub-Kordofan region of Sudan. The mountain range covers an area of approximately 40 km by 90 km and rises about 450 to 900 meters above the plain in the region. The Noeba peoples live in the mountain area.

Our Goals

  1. Attention for War in Sudan
    The Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad – Netherlands Foundation stands for the improvement of human rights in the Nuba Mountain region. The Foundation raises awareness in order to provide collective help.
  2. Assisting women and children in the war zone
    Women and children suffer hardship in war. Women have been traumatised and have nowhere to go. Women lose their husbands and children do not go to school. There is a lack of medication.
  3. Maintain Nubian culture
    The Nubian people living in the Netherlands are proud of their heritage and would like to maintain it and share it with other people. They are also collect funds for the Foundation by means of traditional dancing, music, food and drink.

How We Work

The Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad – Netherlands Foundation collaborates with other foundations, Sudanese NGOs and organisations on a national and international level in order to attain its goals. Together we help Sudanese in need.

Our Projects
Collaboration with you? Will you help us? There are various ways in which you can support us.
You can use your network to, for example, work on a project at a junior school to collect money for the Foundation; maybe by collecting medical supplies for a Sudanese obstetric clinic or as a pregnant Dutch woman supporting another expectant mother in Sudan.
You can sponsor us in various ways.

Medicine Package
This package includes Malaria medication, etc.

School child package
Many children in the Nuba Mountains do not go to school. In this package a child will receive one year’s schooling, a school uniform and lunch money.
You may also sponsor the child for a longer period.
Maternity Package for a Sudanese woman
Many women die in childbirth due to lack of medical and other facilities. This package includes…..

Materials for pregnancy support
This medical package contains a doppler foetal heart monitor, a stethoscope, and a blood pressure monitor.

General once-off or ongoing sponsorship
You may submit a once-off payment or a periodic payment. You may also donate on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.


Thank you for wanting to donate to the Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad | Netherlands. You really help us with this. You can use PayPal or iDeal to pay for your donation. As a donor you make our work possible. Choose a monthly or one-off donation.

Chamber of Commerce: The Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad | Netherlands بoundation is registered with The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and Industry under number 40413782.


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